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aigre 2017

looking back to 2017, china's high-speed railway mileage has been more than 22,000 km. china has exceeded the total mileage of high-speed railway in other countries of the world.

in 2017, every new railway in china has the performance of aigre welding machine.

in 2017, aigre welding machine is working in every urban rail welding project in china.

in 2017, aigre welding machine was used in the construction of shanghai songjiang tramcar project.

in 2017, aigre has provided the following key machines for this xi'an long-rail welding base: g machine, dmj-4 welding rough grinding machine and the dedicated device, rwcm-250-a welding straightening machine, jmj-001welding accurate grinding machine and the roller conveyor line.un5-150g stationary rail flash butt welder, cxj-001 rail derustin.

in 2017, the rail flash welding rail-road truck have been put into the market.

in 2017, the extremely low harmful particles and gas emissions of rail flash welding machines have been put into the market.

in 2017, rail welders from many countries were trained in aigre.